Company Governance


Company Governance

Generally, they are the laws, rules and standards defining the relation between the Company management and the staff on the one side and customers on the other side. Companies governance include organization of relations among different interests, aims and the company administration. Other Stakeholders include laborers (Employees), customers, suppliers, organizers and the whole society. This is done through orientation and monitoring of the activities of managing good works with objectivism, investigation and integrity. Good administration of corporates depends on commitment to external market and legislations in addition to healthy culture including warranties of policies and processes.

AL-ESNAD Motor Transport Co. Ltd. has devised a strategy of development and set recommendations in the Company Governance resulting in the development of:


  • Re-structuring HRs
  • Analyzing and structuring the services departments in the company; for example the purchase Dept., IT, financial department, internal auditing department and establishing administration system and performance evaluation
الإسناد لنقل السيارات المحدودة

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